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My final post of 2014 was about goal setting for the new year. I spoke of wanting to live more intentionally. As I have spent time reviewing my journal and posts of 2015, I see that I accomplished goals that were important to me. I wanted to limit my work week to just four days. Goal accomplished: I now work Monday through Thursday. I wanted to figure out how to increase the number of people I help based on what I can offer them. Goal accomplished: I became trained in hypnotherapy, including the TrimLife Weight Release Program. This year has proven to me the wisdom of setting goals in order to be successful.

I’ve been spending a lot of time preparing the material for the TrimLife Weight Release Program. It is going to be a super experience for my clients who are ready to take on the challenge of releasing excess weight and regaining healthy living. I will be working the program along with my clients. Working on the material for this exciting program has given me the opportunity to do some of my own work ahead of time. Preparing the material about goals for TrimLife, I began looking at what my own overweight has cost me.

The Cost of Unhealthy Living

Earlier in the year I was working on relationships. My current physical condition limits my ability to walk distances, go on even gentle hikes, or share other outdoor experiences with family, friends and acquaintances. One day I was visiting a local pond with my brother and he suggested that we walk around the edge of the pond as we talked. Because of the terrain and my overweight, I suggested that we sit under the shade of tree. Although he never spoke an unkind word to me, I know that he would have been more comfortable if we had been able to talk and walk and frankly I would have enjoyed the changing scenery. Our trip was shorter than it might have been. I missed some real opportunities because of that.

 Thinking about the experiences I have missed out on, the aches and pains caused by the stress of extra weight on my joints, and the damage to my self-confidence from feeling judged (even self-judgement) brought on sadness. I felt some very appropriate grief. After sufficient time to feel my feelings, I decided to look at it from a different direction.

figures 2016 (new year ,Christmas) in bright lightsTime For A Change

I am tired of missing opportunities and I am ready to take personal responsibility for making the changes necessary so that my future will not be nearly so limited. This is the year of taking back my healthy living.

I am working on creating specific goals that will allow me to take charge of my health, including reducing my weight, eating in a healthier manner, and getting the rest my body needs. Even having made the simple decision to set these goals has given me a flush of positive energy. I am looking forward to tonight—New Year’s Eve 2015—when I say “goodbye” to the old year and “hello” to the new year-2016.

I’m ready for some new challenges and new outcomes. Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions that disappear by the 2nd weekend of January, try setting some goals that allow you take charge of your life.

Welcome 2016—The Year of Healthy Living!