Is therapy right for me?

It can be difficult to know if the problems you face are just part of life or if they are patterns of behavior that may limit your enjoyment of life. Are they “serious” enough to go for therapy? Talking with an experienced counselor can provide a more objective appraisal of the issues involved and a more effective way to manage them. Below are some questions to ask yourself to help you decide if speaking with a counselor might be helpful. A yes to any of these questions does not indicate that you have a mental illness. These are a few of the questions that others have used to decide if they should seek some help. It may help guide you too. The more yes answers to these questions, and the more of these situations you can identify in your life, the more likely you will find counseling helpful. Call me at Carey Counseling Services 801-494-7612.

Do you or a loved one…

  • Experience problems with getting or staying asleep?
  • Find it difficult to make or keep friends?
  • Struggle with communication between you and your spouse or children?
  • Experience chronic health problems or pain?
  • Lose your temper, find yourself yelling or arguing more?
  • Relive painful events from the past? Or feel stuck in old behavior patterns?
  • Use alcohol or drugs to feel “normal” or to just “get through the day”?
  • Struggle with the hurt of a sexual or emotional affair in your relationship?
  • Feel the shame of losing the battle to overcome a pornography addiction?
  • Feel defeated by a job loss, death of a loved one, or other life change?
  • Avoid people, places, or events? Or worry endlessly?
  • Feel ashamed or judged by others for sexual attraction to the same sex?
  • Regret that you no longer enjoy things that used to bring you pleasure?

TRIMLIFE Weight Release Program

              From each 3 hour class over a six week period you take away the tools to:

  • Get rid of food cravings
  • Regulate your blood sugar
  • End emotional over-eating
  • Increase your metabolic rate
  • Decrease your level of stress
  • Learn the hypno-stomach shrinking/gastric band
  • Change the limiting beliefs that have kept you over-weight

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