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I’ve been working on a program about how to change limiting beliefs. Our thoughts create our reality and for some of us, that reality is STUCK. Often, it is stuck some place we’d rather not be.

Beliefs and Cliches

As I was working today on the material for this program, I began writing some of the specific beliefs I’ve heard expressed in my counseling office. After the third one, I noticed that the beliefs were often expressed in clichés.

That’s when I thought, “We’re living our lives by cliché!” I don’t mind admitting, that made me stop for a moment. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to be is a walking, talking cliché.

Limiting Beliefs

Changing limiting beliefs is very much like changing a habit. The first step is awareness. One way beliefs show up is oft repeated thoughts or self-talk that describe (and prescribe) our expectations of/for ourselves and others. Consider the following clichés and their possible meaning in parentheses, which reflect how some of my clients have applied them:

It is what it is- (“There’s nothing I can do” or “I’m not responsible.”)

Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know-(I’m afraid of change.”)

What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger– (“I’m really good at suffering” Or “I’m a victim”.)

Ignorance is bliss- (“If I look at it, I’ll have to do something different.”)

Better safe than sorry- (“I may choose wrong.”)

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t- (“Why try.”)

All of these are beliefs that limit a person. Sadly, we tend to believe each of these sayings is true. Sometimes, it is true, but often it is not. And the real problem here is that these beliefs become habitual ways of thinking that go unexamined. These unexamined beliefs can leave us feeling helpless, depressed, and stuck.

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Limitless Beliefs

If your self-talk is riddled with clichés, take some time to examine them. If you think your options are limited, maybe a closer look will reveal some limiting beliefs. If you are ready to transform your self-imposed limitations, now is the time to recognize that thoughts can be changed. Accept that the beliefs that seeped in sometime in your life are holding you back now. Choose to exchange the limiting belief with an empowering one. These three steps put you on a path of unlimited possibilities.

Now that you are thinking about letting go of the clichés and making some changes, remember- There’s no time like the present.