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 For many people, Labour Day is the last day of summer. The hills are sprinkled with fall colors. Kids are back in school and we’ve certainly noticed cooler days over the last week or so. For all intents and purposes, we will soon be headed into Autumn. And with Autumn come the Fall/Winter holidays. It’ll soon be time to put away your shorts and tank tops, store the lawn furniture, and prepare for colder temps.

Fall means different things to different people. For some the emphasis is on family gatherings, for some it’s parties and festivities. Whatever your area of emphasis, it’s hard to imagine the Fall without thinking about food. Maybe that means canning, dehydrating, or storing foods in some other way. Perhaps it conjures images of turkey feasts, plates piled high with various confections, or time enjoyed with others savoring the delicious smells of the holidays. Or maybe it brings to mind the threat of an expanding waist-line.

Trimlife Hypnosis

This Saturday will be the last day with my current Trimlife group. We’ve spent the previous five weeks using hypnosis to create healthy living habits. Each of us has focused on the unique area(s) important to us, whether that be reducing the amount/type of food we eat, such as excess carbohydates, fats, or sweets, eliminating a specific (nemesis) food, learning to address emotional issues that tend to bring on unhealthy or compulsive eating, or increasing the motivation to increase activity (exercise). There has been lots of education on healthy living habits and plenty of sharing our struggles and successes. For my part, I have really enjoyed working with these women. I learned from them and appreciated seeing them encourage each other and me.

Hypnosis to Stop Holiday Weight Gain

As I anticipate the coming Fall weather, more time indoors, and the importance of food that is associated with the holidays, I am grateful for the healthy living habits I have begun. Using Trimlife hypnosis has allowed me to ditch my addiction to soda that has been with me for more than 40 years. Some of my group members have used hypnosis to eliminate such foods as potato chips, French fries, cookies, chocolate, and more, all without feeling deprived.

Using Trimlife hypnosis has helped me to sleep better, be consistent at increasing time moving (I still avoid using the word “exercise” because of it’s negative connotations), and the hypnosis is directly responsible for my improved mood and attitude about healthy living. This is a weight management program I can live with for life.

Results-Healthy Living Habits

healthy eating, junk food, diet and choice people concept - smiling plus size woman choosing between apple and donut over green natural background

My next Trimlife group will start on October 1st. That will give the new group time to learn all the hypnosis skills to eliminate their food nemesis, learn how to control cravings, begin healing the emotional wounds that are often the basis of unhealthy eating, and get comfortable with the skills needed to navigate the holiday food temptations without feeling deprived or controlled, even when surrounded by the delights of the holiday season.

If you or someone you know would like to take control of your healthy living habits in time to prevent a seasonal battle of the bulge, call me now to reserve your space. I keep the classes very small to increase the sense of emotional safety with this delicate topic.

Learn to use the power of your mind and give yourself the gift of healthy living. Please share this blog with a friend or family member who is ready to take control of healthy living without the use of harsh diets or killer exercise programs. Using hypnosis is 30 times more effective for weight loss than diet or exercise alone. Call now.