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Have you ever had one of those “ah-ha” moments? The kind that wakes you up out of a sound sleep or makes you sit up straight at work? The kind where your next thought is, ”Man that is so obvious. Why didn’t I see that before?” That’s the way Martin described his experience to me on his third visit. Martin was struggling to finish writing his 2nd book. His publisher had begun pushing him for pages, but Martin was stuck, embarrassed and unable to write.

Hypnosis to Find the Problem

To help Martin explore his “stuckness,” I had used a hypnotherapy age regression technique to explore the ways stuckness had shown up throughout his life. Martin found times when he felt stuck dating back to age 5, when he was asked if he was excited to start kindergarten and he couldn’t answer the question. The little boy inside Martin remembered tearfully feeling like he “should” say yes. But “excited” wasn’t how he felt. He had stood by his mom’s chair staring at the flood until huge tears rolled down his face.

Describing this scene as an adult in my office had really surprised Martin. I had given him the assignment to “spend time with the experience” until we met again. I suggested that he journal about the experience, that he simply notice his thoughts and daydreams, that he perhaps make notes on his dreams during the week. Finally, two days before he was scheduled for his next appointment, he texted me to say he had had one of those “ah-ha” moments that woke him from a sound sleep. Martin was very excited to come in and talk about what he’d discovered.

When Martin arrived that Thursday, his whole body telegraphed his enthusiasm. There was almost no chit-chat before he said, “I realized that I have a core belief that I don’t deserve to succeed. To have good things come to me.”

A core belief is a belief about ourselves or our experience with others that was formed early in life and influences all our decisions. Some core beliefs help us grow and prosper, such as “I am competent and talented.” Others are what we refer to as limiting beliefs.

A Limiting Core Belief

Martin had discovered a limiting belief that was keeping him stuck. His deep belief was that he didn’t deserve to complete his book and find success as a writer, so his subconscious mind helped him fulfill his belief by keeping him blocked. We needed to go in there and “repair” that belief right where it formed, at the age of 5. We needed to help 5 year old Martin let go of that limiting belief so he could grow up believing that he does deserve to succeed, helping him make decisions that bring about his success.

But the past is done, right? How do we go back and have a do-over in our childhood. That’s where hypnosis excels– helping people with problems that occurred even decades earlier.

Using Hypnosis to Time-Travel

Using hypnosis, Martin was able to travel back in time to discover several experiences, which had caused him to develop his limiting belief. While he was in trance, we brought resources to those experiences to help his younger self handle each experience in a healthy and successful way, thus healing the problem. He was then able to express a new belief: I deserve to be successful.

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Next he time-traveled into his future and carried the new belief into a hoped-for experience. He experienced himself succeeding in a couple of things he planned to do in his future.

Finally, Martin returned to his current self and was helped to experience all the feelings, thoughts, and sensations in his body while being successful. At the end of the session Martin said he was eager to get back to his computer and start writing. He indicated that ideas were popping into his head already. Martin was no longer stuck.

Success From a New Core Belief

A few months later Martin sent me a text telling me that he had completed his manuscript. He promised to send me a copy when it was published.

Most people have some limiting belief that holds them back from fully living the life they dream of. Hypnosis is one tool that is exceptional at helping you heal your “stuckness” or other form of limitation. If you are interested in pushing forward, call today for an appointment. Don’t let the past hold you back. Call now 801-494-7612