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New TRIMLIFE Weight Release Class starts 7/23/16

“Rewind” Trauma Treatment Protocol available

Are you sick and tired of feeling alone, misunderstood, and judged? Are you ready to exchange your anger, pain, or confusion for joy and fulfilled relationships? I invite you to explore opportunities to develop a greater balance of health and happiness. Many of the clients who work with me in my Pleasant Grove office discover:

·         Greater happiness and joy in their life’s purpose

·         Improved self-confidence and deeper self-worth

·         Useful ways to set safe boundaries

·         Better communication and anger management skills

·         Tools to stop anxiety and panic, and the path to end depression

 If you are ready to make some changes in your life, call me!

Location-451 East 1000 South, Suite B, Pleasant Grove.

Call 801-494-7612.

As a Registered Nurse turned Counselor living symptom free after struggling for 5 years with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I understand a lot about emotional pain. I can help you find a path to the happy life you deserve.

Change can be scary but if you are motivated to make some changes in your life and are ready to do the work, I am here to support you, challenge you, and offer some guidance. I won’t judge you and I know the effort it takes. Call for an appointment or if you prefer to email, click here.

Although therapy is sacred work, it can also be intimidating to get started. If you are not ready yet that’s ok too. Perhaps it would be helpful to take a look at Services or take time to read some of the articles from my blog.

Issues like trauma, grief, PTSD, depression, anxiety, adoption and infertility problems can leave people feeling very alone and misunderstood. If you are feeling overwhelmed and alone, please give me a call. We all need someone to talk to who isn’t afraid of our pain. Spend a little time looking around the Carey Counseling Services website. Check out my blog for material that will help you regain your joy in life, decrease the loneliness or pain of past experiences, and just make day-to-day living easier for you and those you care about.

Finding a counselor who doesn’t judge and who is comfortable and knowledgeable with these issues may be the kindest thing you do for yourself. I am that counselor! And I would love to help you. So give me a call and let’s set up a time to talk.  To learn more about me click on the About Me page.

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